Simplicity by choice in a high-class milieu by the sea

Versso Resort Island is in the cutting edge of international travel trends. It offers relaxation and peace to people living in large cities in Russia and Asia, as well as a refreshing environment to corporate guests.

Versso is a high-quality, ecological wellness island only an hour’s drive from Finland’s busiest border crossing Vaalimaa, and 1.5 hour’s drive from Helsinki-Vantaa international airport. The eco-resort is located off the main motorway artery leading from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg. In 2013, approximately 2.9 million Russians came to Finland through Vaalimaa border crossing. The number of tourists is prognosed to reach an estimated 7 million by 2020.

An ecodesign hotel, spa and holiday bungalows will be built in a way that respects the surrounding nature in the sea landscape on Finland’s south-eastern coast. The holiday oasis will be complete with high-quality wellness services and memorable nature experiences.

We are seeking experienced operators/investors to carry out the proposed development on Versso Resort Island. The site is owned by the municipality of Pyhtää, which would like to sell the required plots of land to potential investors.

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Versso Hotel, villas and spa

  • The 100-room eco-design resort hotel in a beautiful seaside location
  • Approx. 285 m2 of flexible meeting facilities
  • A 120-seat restaurant and a 20-seat bar, both with sea views
  • 20 ecologically sustainable villas of approx. 45–60 m2
  • A 1,000 m2 high-quality spa with a treatment area


  • A new marina for hundreds of visiting boats
  • Along an existing sea route
  • High-quality services for boaters and summer residents


Leisure marina with good infrastructure will provide alternative access for those arriving by boat from the Helsinki metropolitan area, Baltic countries or Russia.

Some areas are protected to maintain the rare flora and fauna found on the island. The authorities are keen to protect the fragile environment through intelligent planning solutions.

Versso offers holiday activities like boating, trekking, fishing, walking in nature, commercial fitness and holiday adventure services as well as health and wellness services and treatments.


The Kotka-Hamina region offers plenty of activities for a visitor who could use Versso as a base to explore the region or just enjoy the peace of the unique location. The area is a popular summer destination. Much improved road connection by E18 between Finland and Russia and increasingly easier border crossing formalities are attracting ever more Russians to visit the region.

There is so much to experience in the Kotka-Hamina region, that we suggest to check out to get the whole picture.


Versso Holiday Island is located near Finland’s most important border crossing between Helsinki and Saint Petersburg, within 1.5 hour’s drive from an international airport and along the E18 motorway.

1.5 hour’s drive from Helsinki and 1 h from Vaalimaa, the nearest border crossing for visitors from Saint Petersburg and its vicinity. Vaalimaa border crossing is one of the most transited locations in Europe.


By air

110 km from Lappeenranta, Finland and 130 km from Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland

By sea
The nearby ports of Kotka and Hamina are served from more than 80 locations worldwide. New Keihässalmi Marina offers direct seaway access to Versso by boat.

By road

E18 the main motorway between Finland and Russia passes through Pyhtää, the home town of Versso.

By train

2.5 hours from Saint Petersburg via Vainikkala