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Archipelago boat traffic 2018

Archipelago traffic
  • Saaristoliikenne kuva Jukka Koskinen

Varissaari Island -  Fort Elisabeth

On Varissaari Island there are remains of fortresses from the era of the Ruotsinsalmi naval battles. Island located right outside the centre of Kotka and is a popular place for outing. At the island you will find: summer restaurant Vaakku, beach, beach volley court, campfire site


Kotka - Kukouri island- Lehmäsaari island - Kirkonmaa island - Rankki island 

M/S Jaana also stops on notice at Kukouri, Lehmäsaari and Kirkonmaa. Weather permitting. Notices to m/s Jaana tel +358 440 557493

Price: 200 e/hour (minimum order 1 hour)

Additional information about departure times and ticket prices on Kotkan Saaret pages.

Lehmäsaari island - The lagoon-shaped bay and swimming beaches provide a great opportunity to spend a summer day in the natural environment.

On the island: beach, campfire site, nature paths, camping possibility

Rankki fortress island The old army island has been opened to the public.

On the island: restaurant, small shop, accommodation services

Kirkonmaa island the old army island has been opened to the public.


Commuter ferry to (Haapasaari, Kaunissaari, Kutsalo)

See timetable Departure Kuusinen harbor, address Juha Vainion katu 95

Kaunissaari island - Popular island for spending holidays and idyllic fisherman’s village. Dry peaty forests are characteristic for Kaunissaari and fine sandy beaches for its Nothern and Eastern coasts.

On the island: archipelago museum, shop, cafe, summer restaurant, cottages, camping possibility 

Kuutsalo island - There are interesting nature and good sandy beaches on Kuutsalo Island. Hundreds of summer inhabitants live on the island in summertime. On the island: beach, camping possibility.


Tammio and Ulko-Tammio Island (from Tervasaari, Hamina)

Tammio island - authentic archipelago spirit is felt in fisherman’s village of Tammio. Local arts-and crafts museum is located in old fisherman’s hut.

Ulkotammio island Gem of Eastern Gulf of Finland national park with harsh beach cliffs and bristly deciduous woodland. Museum artillery and a cave from times of the second world war tell about war history of the Ulkotammio island.

On the island: campfire site, toilet, information point, nature trail, camping possibility, open Wilderness Hut, 6 person