Hamina fortress and old center

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The old centre of Hamina is a real service such as the circular town plan and the surrounding star-shaped fortress.

Hamina's city centre, based on a unique circular town plan, is one of the region's most fascinating sights. Visitors can enjoy a broader view of the City of Hamina and its history from the ramparts of the fortifications surrounding the city centre. The outward pointing corners of this star-shaped fortress's outer walls form six bastions named after the six Finnish citadels of the time: Helsinki, Hamina, Savonlinna, Lappeenranta, Hämeenlinna and Turku.

The largest of Hamina's bastions is the central bastion built in 1803–1811. Its 58 casemates (reinforced vaults) were originally designed as bomb-proof storage areas. Hamina's unusual circular town plan was created by Axel von Löwen in 1722–1723. Built in 1789, the Town Hall is the centre point of the circle.


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