Harju Manor

Katariinankuja 19, Ravijoki
  • Harjun Hovi
  • Harjun Hovi Virolahdella
  • Salpalinja Harjussa, Kuva: Paula Rissanen
  • Hevoskärryajelu Harjussa, Kuva: Paula Rissanen

Harju Manor is a part of Harju educational center which is based in Virolahti and is a place where young riding instructors, horse care professionals and garden workers get their education. But that is not all!

Meetings, events and experiences

Harju offers fantastic surroundings for organizing meetings, parties and excursions of varied lengths in an idyllic manor house environment. It also offers budget accommodation and catering services as well as tours in horse carriages and rides with an own horse. Experience the excitement of an off-road ride through Finnish forests in your own safari car – this is also possible in Virolahti. Harju has a restaurant Aura and during summer time an amospheric cafe Kiessi.


During the summer season there are almost 200 beds, but in winter accommodation facilities are limited. We offers variety of rooms: 
- Double rooms
- Rooms have joined kitchen, living room and bathroom
- Each room has a TV, coffee machine and a microwave oven
- Some of the rooms incl. own bathroom





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