Industrial park «Karhu ja Tähti»

Antintie 5, Kotka

«Karhu and Tähti» - industrial park is a unique example of Finnish industrial architecture.

The industrial park is located in headland of Karhulanniemi. Karhu ja Tähti (in Finnish Bear and Star) was established in 1887 г. by industrial figure William Ruth and specialized in glass items production. All items produced here were given a unique stamp with bear and star. In 1915 industrial park was purchased by A. Ahlström company.

Karhu ja Tähti remained its original outlook from the beginning of industrial architecture period in Finland.

Along William Ruthin katu street you can admire red wooden houses built in 1880-90s for glass factory workers and their families. This area also preserved houses built in the beginning of XX century with neoclassical and Jugendstil architecture style features.

You can also visit restaurant Wanha Lasimestari (in Finnish «Old glazier») which is located at William Ruthin katu 3. Not far from Karhula city center in green area you can see a building that reminds a castle with towers. This building used to belong to factory’s director and was built in French manor style and nowadays hosts a hotel Karhulan hovi.

At Sudenkatu street you can see houses that were built in neoclassical style and at Karhunkatu street houses that were built by Alvar Aalto in year 1930. Here A. Aalto famous Savoy vase was created.

Nowadays, nearly thirty Finnish and foreign companies operate in industrial park.

At Karhu ja Tähti official website you can see the grass products that used to be produced here.