Sapokka Water Garden, Kotka

Tallinnankatu 12, Kotka
  • Sapokan Vesipuisto, Kotka
  • Sapokka, Kotka, Finland
  • Sapokan satama Kotka, ilmakuva
  • Sapokka, Kotka
  • Sapokan vesipuisto Kotka
  • Sapokan satama Kotka

Apart from a small-boat harbour, Sapokka is also an old sea bay refurbished into a charming park area. The dominant element of the park is water: there is the sea of course, but water also flows in small brooks and ponds and in a waterfall on the south bank of the park, nearly 20 metres in height.

The park bursts into flower in the spring and continues its display of colour late in the autumn. As the evenings grow darker, the extraordinary lighting of Sapokka really stands out. The park has utilised stone in many shapes, and climbing on top of the waterfall also reveals an area where Finnish stones are on display.

Sapokka Water Garden has received more accolades than any other park in Finland: it has been awarded the Best National Stone Structure (1996), the Environmental Structure of the Year (1994) and the Best Outdoor Lighting Structure (1993).

Sapokka – ship at the port

Walking in the small-boat harbour on the south shore of Kotkansaari and gazing at sea traffic, it is easy to believe that the saying about all Kotka residents having their own boat is true. And that the local traditional sweet pastry, posso, is what they have packed for lunch... naturally!

Sapokka is also where the scheduled motor boats, or tuuris, leave for the nearby Varissaari and the more distant islands of Lehmäsaari, Kaunissaari or Haapasaari, which lies in the territorial water line of Finland. Scheduled traffic to some of the islands also runs in the winter. The seaside coffee shops by the Sapokka shore provide a pleasant place to sit, let your thoughts wander and watch the sailing boats float slowly to the Sapokka guest boat harbour, voted nothing less than Finland's best port (2010).

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