Valkmusa National Park, Pyhtää

National parks
Vastilantie 886, Pyhtää

Diverse marsh environment

Valkmusa National Park is located approximately 12 kilometres from National Road 7 (E18) on main road 3562 north from Siltakylä. The marsh environment of the national park is exceptionally representative in terms of Southern Finland. Interestingly, the River Kymijoki adds to the landscape, as its western main branch flows on the northern edge of the area. More than 30 different marsh types have been classified in the national park area, illustrating the diversity of the marsh vegetation.

Bird and butterfly species otherwise rare in Southern Finland are found nesting in the marshes. The peaceful marsh areas are good resting areas for many migrating birds. In the autumn you can spot hundreds of cranes and geese gathering together before migration.

2.5 kilometres long, a duckboard trail runs in the national park. Life in the area can also be viewed from an observation tower.

See the map of Valkmusa here.

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