Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park

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Eastern Gulf of Finland,
  • Ulko-Tammio

The Eastern Gulf of Finland has an innumerable number of islands worth visiting, many of which are served by regular traffic.

Sea breeze on your face

The unique Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park consists of no less than 100 islands and islets, particularly renowned for their avian population and military history. The park consist only of small (under 1 km2) islands and islets, some of which grow forest, mostly pine trees.

Magnificent avian migration

Every spring, one million birds of the largest avian migration in Finland can be admired in all their glory in Southeastern Finland, and their main route flies over the national park. The main island of the national park is the impressive Ulko-Tammio with a diverse variety of nature and a nature trail relating to military history. Mustaviiri, also part of the national park, has a nature trail. There are disembarkation restrictions imposed on several islands during the nesting season of birds

Explore the Gulf of Finland National Park and the wonders of the outer archipelago!


Schedules for regular island traffic

Additional information about Gulf of Finland National Park gives info@maretarium.fi or +358 40 311 0330

Ulko-Tammion guide (in summers) +358 40 5685 777 and www.nationalparks.fi/en/gulfoffinlandnp

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