Manor Stockfors Patruunantalo

Harjuntie 111, Pyhtää
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Stockfors Patruunantalo is a versatile manor for accommodation, meetings and family celebrations in Pyhtää. Old buildings have been renovated with respect for their history.

Stockfors Patruunantalo Manor is situated at only 70 minutes' drive from Helsinki city centre and 15 minutes from Loviisa and Kotka and offers ideal facilities for accommodation and organizing different kinds of meetings, courses or family festivities. Halls in the first floor are ideal for meetings and family celebrations, upstairs there are seven rooms for accommodation.

In Hunajatalo, next to the manor there are 10 magnificently furnished rooms for accommodation and a sauna. In the courtyard there is also an old Fire station Wanha Paloasema which offers  4 more rooms even for 12 people, cosy living rooms and kitchen. Old fire stations offers ideal accommodation for family or fishing trips.

By the river Kymijoki next to Stockfors Patruunantalo there is also a sauna Rantasauna with outdoor bathtub which offers ideal facilities for cosy gatherings with friends or clients. During winter time by the river is a possibilty for сold water swimming.

Stockfors Patruunantalo has its own Patron's wine cellar where one can have a glass of wine before dinner or spend the whole evening tasting wines with a professional Wine Master leading to the interesting world of wines!

You are warmly welcome to the Manor Stockfors Patruunantalo, at only one hour's drive from the metropolitan area!


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