FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


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Which languages can I get service in?

You can get service in Finnish, English, Russian, Swedish, German and Spanish.

What is the currency in Finland?

Finland is one of the 19 EU countries, which uses Euro (€) as their currency.

Which credit cards are valid in Finland?

In Finland, you can pay with all common credit cards.

Where can I get cash?

Banks are open Mon - Fri approx. 10-14, but the ATM-system in Finland is also safe to use.
The ATM's are called 'Otto', and are easy to spot due to their yellow color.

Post offices are open Mon - Fri approx. 10–16.

Which time zone is Finland in?

Finland is during wintertime +2 GMT and during summertime +3 GMT.

How are the stores open?

Stores have extensive opening hours, almost every day of the year 8-21.

Can I get tax-free? How about invoice payment?

Tax-free and invoice payment are both possible.

Is there any public transportation within the city? How about from the city?

There is a well-working public transportation system (bus) within the city. There are also good public connections (train, bus) to other cities.

How hard are taxis to get?

Taxis are conveniently available. Cafés, restaurants, and stores also provide taxi ordering services, if needed.

I'd like to see the city by bicycle. Are there any equipment rentals available?

Yes, there are equipment rentals, where you can rent e.g. a bicycle for the day, or even just for a few hours.

Where do I call in case of emergency?

Call the emergency number, 112.