Haapasaari Guest Pier, Kotka

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Haapasaari guest pier 60º 17,3' N/ 27º 11,9' E

There is a navigable strait along Haapasaari Island southern coast from which the way turns to a beautiful 2,2 meters deep Church Gulf. Guest pier is just in the front of the church and another pier is at the south coast of the island. For the border formalities you should drive to Coast Guards dock. The island is partially located at Gulf of Finland National Park area. Inside island's old school building there is a Finnish Forest Management Authority nature information hut.  

Church Gulf: passage deep 1,5-1,7 m
Number of places: 18
Mooring: anchor
Additional information: Haapasaari kiosk tel.+358 5 063 013

Services: drinkable water, household waste disposal, lavatory, waste water tank drain, phone, fish sale, store, grill and grocery kiosk, fuel

At Finnish Forest Management Authority webpages additional information on Gulf of Finland Natuional Park can be found www.nationalparks.fi/gulfoffinlandnp