Hamina indoor swimming pool

Puistokatu 1, Hamina

The new indoor swimming pool of Hamina is located right in the city center next to the Hamina Market place.


  • Exercise pool 13 x 25 m, depth 1,3m-2,0m
  • Pool with warm water 5.5 x 11 m, depth 0,6m- 0,9m
  • Multi-basin, depth  1,2 m-1, 35m,
  • pool hoist
  • Jacuzzi, Ø 4m
  • Cold water pool,  temperature  +8°C
  • Two massage jets stations and hydro-massage stations
  • Saunas

The cashier closes 1,5 hours prior to the closing time and swimming time ends 30 min before the closing time.

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