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Ruhavuolle is located above Siikakoski. It is a strong and rapid stream between two deep stretches of still water. Due to its nature, it is excellently suited for fly fishing with two-handed equipment. Accordingly, fishing is allowed here only with traditional fly fishing equipment. The fish are often large, and the equipment must therefore be of a sort that meets the requirements. The biggest of the many salmon Ruha yields every year are close to 20 kilograms. If there is a good year for smaller salmon, more than one may be on the end of the line at the same time.

In addition to Siikakoski, the Ruhavuolle fly fishing area is the place in the Langinkoski branch with the heaviest use throughout the fishing season. There are more fishers than there are places for them, often requiring them to wait a while for their turn.
There are fishing spots throughout the stream. In the upper part, a pier has been built to facilitate fishing. It can also be used to fish in the deep stretch of still water above the stream.

Among the most popular equipment at Ruha are rods of 14 or 15 feet, used to cast shooting taper lines at several speeds. The higher the water, the faster the lines must be used to get the lure in front of the fish. Usually, there is some kind of tube fly at the end of the tapered leader. The tube fly has nowadays become the most popular fly type for the salmon and sea trout of Kymijoki.

The fishing season usually begins at Ruhavuolle at the end of May, when the sea trout rises to the upper reaches of the Langinkoski branch. Early on in the season, Ruha yields many fine examples of sea trout every year. Their size is around five kilograms. The main rise of salmon begins shortly after midsummer, and the rest of the summer is the best time to catch rising salmon at Ruha. As the waters become warmer, more than one fish can sometimes be seen close to the surface, completely ignoring the fly on offer. Seeing the fish will however help maintain the faith of the fishers in their skills. Once in a while, a salmon will stoop to accepting the offer and the fisher can then begin to tire it.

At Ruhavuolle, the number of fish caught is at its highest in September, but the fish caught then are often dark ones staying in one place. Bright small fish may still rise to the river even at the end of September. At Ruha, as with the other locations in the Siikakoski area, there is no fishing from the beginning of October to the end of February.