The River Kymijoki

Sport adventures
Kymijoki, Kotka
  • koskenlasku kymijoki
  • kalastus kymijoki
  • melonta kymijoki

The River Kymijoki is full of rapids where rapids-shooters, canoeists and fishermen will have unforgettable experiences.

Quietly floating or splashing in the waves

Shooting down on a rubber raft raises waves and goose bumps. The River Kymijoki is also an ideal canoeing river. Floating quietly on the surface of the water makes you one with surrounding nature. If you feel your own skills or courage are not up to scratch for white water rafting, you can always turn to a professional. A guide helps you to experience the wild river rapids safely while enjoying the power and speed of the stream.

Quality service at Kymijoki

There is no need for canoeists to bring their canoes along; you get it in situ with a guide included. Pre-planned routes make sure both beginners and those with more experience will enjoy the ride. Local companies specialising in river tourism offer ready-made packages with, for example, meals and a bath in the sauna. There is a wide range of options for companies and different groups to spend some unforgettable time together!

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