Korkeakoski harling area

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Kymijoentie, Kotka
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The rowboat area of the Korkeakoski branch covers the entire stretch of the river from below Kunnarinkivi down to the sea. The general character of the area is a rather smooth stream with strong currents and swirls. The rather stolid-looking surface current hides many excellent catching spots for salmon and sea trout. Familiarity with the shape of the river’s bottom and getting the lure to the right depth are important for successful fishing.
Especially good and recommended locations include the Kunnarinkivi area in the upper part of the fishing area. There one can catch both salmon and sea trout. The upper part of the fishing area is closed for fishing from mid-October to mid-November. It also pays for fishers to row carefully through the lower part of Kunnarinsuora. Spring trout is often caught in the lower regions of the area. The trout will go there to feast on the smelt rising to spawn.
Of all the fishing areas in the lower course of Kymijoki, it is the Korkeakoski rowing area where it is perhaps easiest to get a fish on the line. In the summer, the area will at times yield a lot of pike-perch and large chub among other species of fish. The chub will attack the lure like a salmon, raising the pulse of the rower very high for a moment. After a hard hit, the bleak truth will often be revealed very soon. With luck, the catch may however represent a record size for Finland.
In late autumn and early spring, the rising sea trout is perhaps caught even better in the harling area than on the spinning pier. In late summer, the harling area competes with the pier in the availability of salmon. Several large salmon and trout are caught every year in the rowing area.
In the Korkeakoski rowing area, it is important to get the lure to reach the fish near the bottom of the river. This is best achieved by using a floating diving wobbler in front of the lure intended for the fish. The wobbler is often used without hooks to prevent getting caught in the bottom and entangling lines, even though the fish will sometimes also bite the “engine wobbler” making a tumult in the bottom. As the primary lures, the same wobblers will work in Kymijoki as in the other Finnish salmon rivers.
Both private boats and rental boats are used in the Korkeakoski harling area. The City of Kotka has a limited number of boat places intended for private boats. The private boats have stickers of different colours indicating the licence type. Several rental boats are available for fishers, giving access to the rowing area whenever ice conditions allow safe traffic on the river. In wintertime, the rental boats are in storage. The condition and safety of the rental boats is the responsibility of the rental companies.