Hyvinvoiva Hevonen - Green Care Horse stable and goat walking tours

Hiirosenmäentie 33, Hamina
  • Vuohivaellus Hamina
  • Hyvinvoiva Hevonen, Green care -tila Haminassa
  • Hyvinvoiva Hevonen, Green care -tila Haminassa
  • Vuohivaellus Hamina

Hyvinvoiva hevonen Horse stable and nature tourism services (goat walking tours)

Hyvinvoiva hevonen stable in Sivatti, Hamina offers classic riding tours and experience in services for those buying own horse.  We are a Green Care farm house and offer animal-aided services and goat walking tours for those interested in well-being and tourism.


Contact information:

Sanna Puonti


+358 40 560 1326

Hiirosenmäentie 33
Sivatti, Hamina