Biking routes in the countryside of Kotka-Hamina region

Kotkan-Haminan seutu
  • Pyöräilijä Kaakon maaseudulla
  • Pyöräilijä Haminan lintutornissa
  • Kotkan-Haminan seudun retkipyöräilyreitit
  • Kotkan-Haminan seudun retkipyöräilyreitit

Plan your own bicycle route and pick the interesting sights and break destinations among the individual services and attractions available. Along the route, in addition to cafés, restaurants, accommodation, tourist sights, museums and historical monuments, you will find winding country roads, village communities, local food producers and different activities.


Most parts of the routes are asphalted, but there are also dirt roads, which have been marked on the map. The routes follow the normal local roads, which are also used by local traffic. The average volumes of traffic are low, but they naturally vary depending on the time of day and the weather. At times, the edge of a road reserved for cycling is narrow. NOTE. The routes are not marked in the terrain.

As a rule, the level of difficulty of the bicycle routes in the Kotka-Hamina region ranges from easy to medium, and along the route you will see typical Finnish forest scenery, lichen-growing rocks, lakeshore or seashore views, rural village centres and traditional Finnish landscapes.  Remember to pack some water and other necessary equipment with you, and find out the opening hours of your destinations in advance or agree with the local service provider when you will arrive.

We hope that you will enjoy your trip and that you will experience the local countryside in all its versatility and richness!

The routes on Google maps:

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