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Welcome to a cycling trip through the lively and attractive towns and rural municipalities in the Kotka–Hamina region – Kotka, Hamina, Pyhtää, Virolahti and Miehikkälä. Over 600 km of cycling routes and accommodation sites are marked on the Bed & Bike map to make planning easier for you.

This map was made for people who want to travel by bicycle. It is important to plan the length of the journey you aim to cycle in one day and ensure that you know where you’re going to stay the night and have everything booked in advance. In addition to accommodation options, the map also shows other important services for cyclists: bus and train stations, supermarkets and other grocery stores, swimming spots, nature trails, lean-tos, local boutiques, historic sites and attractions. Our website contains up-to-date information on all of the tourist services and destinations. While you’re in the Kotka–Hamina region, it’s also well worth visiting the Eastern Gulf of Finland archipelago using the Archipelago by Bike page as a guide.


Consider in advance how far you intend to cycle per day, your chosen route, which attractions you’d like to visit and where to head for your accommodation for the night. There are plenty of accommodation options from town hotels to rural farmhouses, cabins and granaries. Campsites and lean-tos are often a popular choice for cyclists. You’re bound to find characterful and local sites to stop at along the way and take a look around; you’ll soon notice that people love to live and spend time here.


The routes marked on the map follow local roads and are mainly asphalted. Some stretches of the routes are gravel and are marked on the map in black. If you would like to stay on asphalted roads, research your route in advance. There is not usually much local traffic, but the roads can be quite narrow and there is not a lot of room to the right of the safety line for cyclists. One exception is road 170 from the Vaalimaa border crossing point via Virolahti, Hamina and Kotka to Pyhtää and on to Porvoo via Loviisa. This road has a good cycle lane and the route is part of the EuroVelo 10/Baltic Sea Cycle Route which is also known as the King’s Road. The routes’ difficulty is easy, quite easy or, in some places, moderately easy.


It is always a good idea to bring drinking water and spare clothes with you. Always check the opening hours of accommodation and restaurants in advance – these can change, especially in rural areas. Always make sure that you know where you’re staying for the night and when you expect to arrive. If you get lost, locals will be happy to help you. Enjoy your cycling holiday!

Map symbols

Red line – asphalt-coated suggested cycling route

Black line - gravel-coated suggested cycling route

Green line – Salpa Line hiking trail 



Accommodation site

Lean-to or rest place

Public beach

Shop or kiosk

Bus station/bus stop

Observation tower or bird-watching tower

Local handcraft or local souvenir shop  

Horse farm or riding school

EuroVelo 10 route– Baltic Sea Route


Railway station

First aid


Local museum

Bike maintenance

EuroVelo 13 route – Iron Curtain Route

Hiking route


View spot

Market or local product sale

Local nature trail


Funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.

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