Sauna tips for beginners

Sauna is the most typical Finnish thing and we love it, there is nothing like having sauna in Finland. Finnish people enjoy sauna at home mostly on Wednesdays and Saturdays and do it naked. WOW, crazy! But you can also find many public saunas in Kotka-Hamina region to try out. Have you tried it yet? If not, here are our tips for beginners. 


Try to stay in sauna approximately 10-15 minutes, so your body starts to sweat.


Cool off between the sauna sessions. In the winter, try to dip yourself in an icy lake or roll in the snow; it’s said the contrasts between the freezing temperatures and a hot sauna is good for you blood circulation. And it will give you an incredible rush!


Remember to drink enough! Water is the best option, but cider and beer are what Finns enjoy the most while having sauna.


Getting an invitation to sauna is an honor. If a Finn invites you to sauna, try to experience that. Saying ‘no’ to the host might feel a bit offensive. But of course we understand that you might be shy at first so you can wear a towel instead of going full on at once. 


The most important thing about having sauna is being in no hurry. Just enjoy the Finnish sauna and relax!


You can find public saunas and places for cold water swimming in Kotka-Hamina region for example in Marina cafe Laituri and Rampsin saunat