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Privacy policy



This English version is derived from finish version of Cursor Oy’s Privacy Policy. This document contains the same information as the Finnish version. For legal purposes, the Finnish version takes precedence over this English version.


Data Collector:

Cursor Oy and all its affiliates (Later also we and us)

VATID: FI07271786

Address:  Kyminlinnantie 6, 48100 KOTKA, FINLAND

Phone: +358401902500



Contact Person

Inquiries and questions about this Privacy Policy and the data it governs should be made to:

Pasi Järnstedt

Manager, IT-Systems

Cursor Oy

Phone: +358401902596



Cursor Oy’s client information registry



Registry’s information can be used for:

  • management, maintaining and development of customer/partner relations
  • statistical and marketing research
  • offering and providing services
  • planning and development of business
  • marketing and communications of Cursor Oy, its affiliates and partners



Following content can be gathered to the Registry:


Of Individuals:

  • Name
  • Connections to companies, projects and organizations
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Municipality and Country of Residence
  • Native Language
  • Contact Information (email, phone numbers, fax numbers, and id for electronic invoicing)
    • Addresses
    • Invoices received and sent, and the status of payment
    • Provided services
    • Documents and emails provided by individual
    • Participation of events
    • Marketing and communications information sent to individual and their information of using Marketing automation tools


  • Of Companies and Organizations:
    • Name
    • Address
    • VATID
    • Area of business and possibly product and service descriptions
    • Email
    • Phone Numbers
    • Amount of Personnel
    • Amount of Revenue
    • Form of the Business
    • Invoices received and sent, and the status of payment
    • Provided services
    • Documents and emails provided by Company/Organization and its employees or Affiliate and its employees
    • Participation of events
    • Marketing and communications information sent to and their information of using Marketing automation tools.
    • Customer Feedback information
    • Other material received from Company/Organization



Registry is updated from multiple sources:

  • Data provided by Registrees, such as emails, documents and product or service information
  • Form submits from websites
  • From different events, gatherings and fair
  • Public sources: websites, social media and others
  • Paid client information such as Finnish Register of Companies, Fonecta Company Registry and others. Before receiving data from these types of entities we make sure that they have rights to provide that data under Finnish law.
  • Some information of individuals can be requested or updated from Finnish civil registry.


SHARING DATA                 

We don’t share individual’s data to third parties, unless it is necessary to provide a certain service. In case that specific data needs to be shared to third party, we will ask for a consent to share that specific information.

We can share some information of companies/organizations, such as name(s), vat id, general contact information, addresses, information on business area and the form of the business, and information about revenue and number of employees. If some of this data is not available from public sources we will ask for consent before sharing that specific information.

Registry information can be shared to third parties for payment processing, IT-processing and such, if they are commissioned by Cursor Oy or one of its affiliates. Also, third parties might have access to you IT-systems only because of maintaining, developing or updating them. Those third parties are subject of non-disclosure agreement. 

Rights to mentioned data will not be transferred to third parties, except in the case of merger, sale or partial sale of Cursor Oy or one of its affiliates.



Our main databases are in EU/ETA jurisdiction. Currently in Finland. There is a possibility that during maintenance or some marketing and marketing analysis your personal data can be transferred to third countries.

All of partners assure that they work within EU-US Privacy Shield or EU Commission Model Clauses.


ABOUT INFORMATION SECURITY                                 

Your data might be processed in physical (e.g. paper) or electronic format.

Physical documents are stored with care and destroyed after use.

Electronic data is mainly managed in our data center. We apply reasonable security safeguards to make sure your data is not lost or leaked to third parties.

Our staff receives guidance and training on the matters of Information Security and Data Protection.

Only authenticated staff can access your data.



As an individual, you have right to deny us processing your data for marketing, remote sales and marketing research (and for few another reason, which we don’t do anyway).

As an individual, you have right to check and receive copies of information about you.

As an individual, you have right to request us to correct any false, obsolete, inadequate or unnecessary information. We also do this on our own when we see such information.

As a legal person, you have none of these rights. Only contracts between you and us apply. But contact us anyway, we are happy hear from you.

In any case all request should be made in writing and directed to Contact Person of this privacy policy.