Bunker Museum

The main military history exhibition of the Virolahti Bunker Museum tells of the fortification of the eastern land border in Virolahti between 1940–41 and 1944. The museum is part of the Salpa station, a wartime defence line that stretches from the Gulf of Finland to Salla, and as a series of field fortresses all the way to the Arctic Ocean.

The visual material of the exhibition takes you through the different stages of the construction of the Salpa Line and highlights the builders in their various roles. The exhibitions present a comprehensive view of the various parts of the line of defence, such as the various graves, obstacles and dugouts.

In the open-air museum area, the guided terrain route connects the sturdy reinforced concrete fortification equipment located between the canvas terrain and the marsh area. The artillery park presents wartime artillery. During the museum’s opening hours, visitors can also stop in to the museum shop and café. Catering for groups is also available upon request.