AuroraHut Loviisa

This beautiful Hut floats on the Baltic Sea in the Loviisa Bay only a few kilometers from the center of Loviisa. Here you have wonderful views over the sea and the town of Loviisa across the bay and can enjoy a location right by a nature reserve. Take a stroll in the forest, swim in the sea and have sauna in the igloo sauna right next to the hut. Sometimes during the winter time ice is so thick that you can walk, ski and skate on the sea right off the AuroraHut or Valosauna pier. Aurora Hut and Valosauna have glass walls that allow you to look at the starry sky, sunrise and sunset right from your seat or bed. Location is private and there are curtains in the hut to ensure your privacy. This experience is unique!

For more detailed information, please refer to Aurora Hut’s own website.