Visit the Unique Finnish Housing Fair

Do you have a passion for interior design? Or are you interested in building your own home with touches of Finnish design? This summer, new lovely living ideas will be presented at the Housing Fair in the idyllic town of Loviisa, located on the beautiful shores of Loviisanlahti Bay, within walking distance from Loviisa city center on the East Coast of Finland, only an hour’s drive eastward from the capital city Helsinki.

Unique Concept

The Finnish Housing Fair is an annual event, organized in a new town every year, and it is quite unique in a global scale. Home owners plan and collaborate with the builders to create unique, inspiring homes for the public to see during the summer.

After the fair, the event arena turns into a residential area like any other. However, during the fair anyone can visit these gorgeous private homes and gardens to find ideas to bring back home.

Idyllic Town of Loviisa by the Sea

The new homes at Kuningattarenranta (Queen’s Shore) in Loviisa will be completed by the beginning of July 2023, offering stunning views of the charming small boat harbor at Laivasilta and the historic wooden town of Loviisa, rising up to Myllyharju hill, with the setting sun in the background.

Now is the perfect time to book your summer vacation in Loviisa!

The main attraction of the Kuningattarenranta housing fair area is the captivating surroundings of Loviisanlahti Bay, which enables construction with a maritime touch, even extending over the sea. In contrast to the maritime landscape, the area also features expansive parks, majestic pines and the oak forest of Gröna Udden. A pontoon bridge connects the western and eastern shores, allowing access to the beautiful salt sheds at Laivasilta Pier, and further to the old town of Loviisa, leading up to Myllyharju Hill.

Bold Visions for Modern Living

At the summer 2023 Housing Fair in Loviisa, from July 7th to August 6th, you will get the best tips for a maritime, modern, and ecological lifestyle. You will witness how each homeowner boldly realizes their own vision according to their needs and personality.

Take a glimpse of the stunning Loviisa skyline from the terrace of Villa Kuningatar, owned by Ms Maria Pennanen and her family, who mentor start-up entrepreneurs, and be amazed by the beautiful Villa Havet, built right on the water’s edge, owned by the family of Ms Nina Björnström-Lehtonen, who was crowned Miss Finland in 1988. This white palace-like home is the true gem of Kuningattarenranta.

Everything within Walking Distance

You will find harmony, peace, natural materials, a maritime atmosphere, and tall spaces throughout the fair area. In addition to detached houses, you will also have the opportunity to explore row houses, semi-detached houses, and apartment buildings, all with views towards the sea and the sunset.

In total, there will be 25 properties to explore, and the Kuningattarenranta area, which is part of Loviisa city center, is conveniently located within walking distance of all the services and attractions of Loviisa. In the bay of Loviisanlahti, you can enjoy a summer day on a boardwalk lined with reeds and explore the region’s history at the Rosen and Ungern bastions, built in the mid-18th century as part of Loviisa’s fortifications.

Where the Past and the Future Meet

In addition to the wonderful experience of Loviisa, this housing fair visit offers a unique opportunity to explore the combination of future and past in wooden house construction. Unlike many other old wooden towns in our country, Loviisa’s historic wooden neighborhoods have been preserved without being destroyed by fires. The city is known for its annual Loviisan Wanhat Talot (Historic Houses of Loviisa) event at the end of August, which celebrates traditional building practices.

Tips for Your Stay

Combine your visit to the Housing Fair with a stroll through the streets and alleys of Loviisa, visit the boutiques, relax on the terraces, and explore the Loviisa fortifications on your way from the fair area to the city center. Experience the enchanting atmosphere of Svartholm Sea Fortress, the sister fortress of Suomenlinna, just a short boat ride away at the mouth of Loviisanlahti Bay and hop on a traditional sailing ship Österstjernan from Laivasilta on a sailing trip on the Eastern Gulf of Finland.

Cozy Accommodation

Why not stay overnight right away? Loviisa has a charming campground where you can stay in a motorhome or caravan, or in a spacious tent already set up by the seaside.

Or perhaps you’d enjoy a stay at the delightful Willa Björksten, one of the historic houses of Loviisa. The summer weekends fill up quickly at the campground, so make sure to book your accommodation in advance.

Rent a bike from the campground to explore the idyllic town. Enjoy sunny summer days in the nearby Plagen beach and taste some delicious waffles before your cycling trip.

In Loviisa, you can also stay comfortably at Hotelli Uninen (Hotel Sleepy) right in the city center or in many Airbnb accommodations throughout the city.

How about a Lovely Scone Brunch?

There’s nothing lovelier than a hike through the Myllyharju outdoor route on a sunny day. Visit also the wonderful Commendant’s House to learn about the local history.

In the shelter of majestic, leafy trees in Kappelinpuisto, you can enjoy scone brunch on Saturdays in the restored Loviisan Kappeli, yet another historic house of Loviisa. This was the setting where Jean Sibelius and his friends relaxed during Loviisa’s golden spa era. And not to leave the Sibelius experience short, visit also the Sibelius House, which is the official accompanying attraction of the Housing Fair.

Delicious Meals and Summer Terraces

When it comes to dining options, Loviisa has some nice restaurants to offer. Be sure to try the highly recommended Osteria Locale, the stylish Bistro & Butik Kronan, and the historic Degerby Gille. Make a stop at the famous Tuhannen tuskan kahvila (The Café of Thousands Pains) for coffee. Why Thousand Pains? Well, they say that you will lose all your sorrows when you taste the quirky sandwich like doghnuts and other delicacies at this café in the lovely courtyard so nicely enclosed by wooden gates from the outside world. Also during the prohibition, this used to be the place where to find alcohol to drown your sorrows. Recently it was also voted as the best café in Finland. There’s no other quite like it, that’s for sure.

While strolling through the lower town streets, you can find lovely souvenirs and stylish interior products at lovely boutiques and shops, such as for example the legendary Krinti.

Explore the Culture-Rich Countryside

For another day in Loviisa, drive along country roads reminiscent of Danish countryside to Malmgård Manor, where you can explore a historic Renaissance castle and purchase organic products from the manor shop.

In Skinnarby, experience rural idyll and take a journey back to the 1950s in Finland’s smallest shop museum, as well as find more interior products to take home at the lifestyle boutique Villi Kanala.

Instagram the Iconic Ironworks Village

Also, don’t forget to visit Strömfors Ironworks. This iconic eye-candy is one of the oldest and best-preserved ironworks villages in Finland, and it’s an official accompanying attraction of the Housing Fair. Capture the beautiful view of the red historical buildings, taste local delicacies, and shop in the boutiques.

At the ironworks, you can also go kayaking and try aerial yoga at Wellsters, enjoy a yurt sauna at Strömfors Wellness, hike in the beautiful Kukuljärvi Lake area, and take a dip in the river or Kukuljärvi lake. To unwind during the night, you can choose a cozy accommodation such as the Strömfors Wellness glamping tent, the guesthouse atmosphere of Strömfors Bed & Bistro, or the rocking motion of Kymi River in the special Laawu accommodation.

Have you already purchased your tickets for the summer 2023 Housing Fair? Come and visit lovely Loviisa from July 7th to August 6th, 2023, to immerse yourself in both the future of wooden construction and the traditional wooden town ambiance of Loviisa!

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A warm welcome the the East Coast of Finland to experience stunning archipelago and maritime atmosphere!