Rankki – Mystical Military Island

We highly recommend you to take a boat trip to mysterious Rankki military island. Located in Kotka archipelago, the island was originally part of the sea fortress defense line established by the Russians to protect St. Petersburg. In 1916, heavy coastal cannons were stationed there, as well as Russian army barracks. After Finland declared independence in 1917 the Island became part of Finnish defense.

Rankki was forbidden from civilians for a hundred years but is now open for visitors. Explore the exhibition of massive coastal cannons, old Russian army barracks and coastal artillery used in the First and Second World War.

The artillery in Rankki played an important role in defensive battles of Finland at the end of the Winter War, March 1940. Apart from its military history Rankki makes a great place to have picnic on its beautiful shores or to just marvel the exceptionally beautiful nature of Kotka archipelago.

Rankki also has an old military restaurant Sotku, which is still in use.

To visit Rankki, check the ferry schedules here.