New Year 2020 in Kotka-Hamina Region

  • himmelit Tommi Mattila

New Year in Kotka-Hamina Region

31.12. at 6 pm New Year's Fireworks for the whole family in Kotka
31.12. at 6-8 pm New Year's light show in Hamina Bastion
31.12. at 8 pm New Year Celebration at Leikari Hotel,

Maritime Centre Vellamo
Tue, Thu–Sun 10am–5pm and Wed 10am–8pm
31.12. 10am-3pm, 1.1.2020 10am-5 pm

Maretarium - Aquarium house of Finnish Fish

Starting from 26.12. Maretarium is open daily Mon, Tue, Thur-Sun 10am-5pm and Wed 12 pm-7 pm. On 31.12. open 10am-2pm 
Daily 27.12.2019 - 6.1.2020 at 2 pm Meet and Greet Hanna the Pike
27.12., 30.12., 2.1. and 3.1. at 3 pm Feeding of the Fish