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Murals of Kotka

There are four magnificent mural paintings in Kotka city centre. Kotka's first mural was painted in 2008. Three most recent ones were painted in 2017 and 2018 as parts of UPEART festivals. You can access the map view of Google Maps by clicking mural’s address.

Martti Aiha, 2008

Meridiem muraali Kotkassa

Kotkankatu 16

Sculptor Martti Aiha's color print for aluminum, "Meridiem", is a gorgeous wall painting that has fascinated people in Kotka since 2008.


Smug, 2017

Muraali Smug Kotka

Kotkankatu 12

In 2017, Australian artist Smug, co-operating with Upeart, painted a huge work of art to a seven-story house wall. Smug is inspired especially by people he knows and uses people in different situations as models of his works.


Helen Bur, 2018

Muraali Kotkassa

Satamakatu 4

British mural artist Helen Bur carried out a recycling and communal-themed mural with a Upea18 Art Festival. Painting is aimed against capitalism and consumption as well as helping to take steps towards a more positive environment.


Waone Interesni Kazki, 2018

Waonen muraali Kotka

Kymenlaaksonkatu 12

At the corner of streets Kymenlaaksonkatu and Kapteeninkatu there is a painting by Ukrainian Waone Interesni Kazki "Spirit of antique book". Mural was made in September 2018 and is also one of the paintings of the Upea18-art festivals. The mural is dedicated to all book lovers.