Arktika Days in Virolahti 10-26 May 2019

Arktika - the migration of arctic birds in Virolahti

Arktika, as the north-bound mass migration of arctic birds is called in Finland, is a highlight for any bird and nature enthusiast. The most spectacular moments take place in May when millions of water birds and hundreds of thousands of geese migrate via the Gulf of Finland to their nesting places on the arctic tundra. The birds migrating to the north have spent their winter on the North Sea and are travelling back to the shores of the Arctic Ocean in Siberia across the Gulf of Finland. 

Most of the migration routes are across the sea, but in Virolahti in South-East Finland the flocks come onshore. Consequently Virolahti is a well-known spot among European birdwatchers. Arktika, the migration of arctic birds, can be followed in Virolahti during May and the beginning of June. 

During the Arktika days in 10-26 May 2019, there is fascinating daily programme to explore. Bird guides teach guests to identify the different birds, and on personally guided Arktika cruises you can even go birdwatching at sea - right alongside the Russian border. Arktika Restaurant serves guests in the main event location Leerviikki. 

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