A tourist view of Kotka


VSapokanlahti Pekka Vainio


I began my tour of Kotka renting a bicycle at a small café in the Sapokanlahti harbor. The harbor has lots of privately owned boats and even boats you can rent to visit kotkas many islands. There are cafés along the entrance of the harbor, complete with a bar, so I had a pint while watching the boats go by. There is interesting art work all over Kotka and Sapokanlahti harbor is no exception. This harbor is a must see for tourists as it has its own special feel to it, not found in other cities.


Katariinan meripuisto


Kotka’s parks are famous up and down Finland. So, I had to take a look for myself to see what all the fuss was about, I wasn’t disappointed. After my walk through the harbor I came to the entrance of Sapokka Water Garden. The park is a great mixture of garden, forest and there are even a few sandy beaches. This park leads to another park named Katariina Seaside Park.  A park with huge open spaces. It consists of children’s play areas, a skate park, a maze, a water fall, gardens with blooming flowers and ponds, beach volley ball courts, BBQ stands, and of course an amazing view of the ocean the whole way along. 

City center (shops, restaurants and bars).

Pasaati Marianne Mokkala-Räty.jpg


Kotka’s city center has everything you’re looking for. With a large shopping mall called Pasaati at the heart. Pasaati mall consists of the usual shops I was used to so I had all the comforts of home. Surrounding the mall are plenty of traditional and non-traditional restaurants. One particular place, I would recommend is a lovely place called Fransmanni. They do a great steak.  There are plenty of bars scattered all over the place and even a few nightclubs. 


Kotka is a must-see city if you’re in Sothern Finland. It felt as though I couldn’t walk 50 meters without stopping to look at something interesting. It has everything a tourist looks for; local shops, traditional restaurants, friendly people (most of whom speak English) and an amazing landscape.


A tourist vacationing in Kotka