Winter wonderland

Hamina talvi

For me winter equals snow and Christmas! Two very good reasons to love this season which is otherwise gloomy. The sight of first snow turns my frown upside down! The gloomy time turns to bright when we light up the candles and decorations. And I think Finnish is probably the only language in the world that has so many different names for snow, depending on its texture. Crazy!

Keeping fit

I like the fact that it is easy to keep fit in winter! Cleaning the car every morning under piles of snow, ploughing and keeping one’s balance on icy roads do the trick. However sometimes I long for something more. Then I take out my skis and head out to the ski trails of Honkala or drive my car down to Uuperi for downhill skiing. It has been researched that nature calms one down, and I can fully agree!

Laskettelu Uuperi


Bring out the inner child

When you select a nose for your snowman, build an igloo with your children or feel the wind stinging your face while skiing, the inner child wakes up. So let down your guard and enjoy every bit of it. Winter is only once in a year! And where there is snow, Christmas is getting closer. Shops are filled with toys, Christmas carols echo in the streets and traditional Christmas food arrive back on the shelves. Despite all this, Christmas is a time for family and togetherness! Enjoy time with friends, family or relatives and relax!

Pulkkamäki talvi


Wishing everyone Happy Holidays! 



Community Manager