Vietnam Meets Venezuela in Kotka, Finland – International Engineering Students Boosted to #Slush100

Slush100 Presnsr

Two international engineering students in Finland met in Kotka, became entrepreneurs together in the Levelup Startup Accelerator and made it to #Slush100 – in only six months

Last spring in Kotka, Finland, two international students met at the Ship Disruption Camp, a student bootcamp challenge where student teams solved challenges set by local companies. The winning team included two engineering students studying in Finland, and they became good friends joined by a common vision of technology projects and entrepreneurship.

Javier Hernandez had arrived in Finland from Venezuela to study at the Lappeenranta University of Technology and whereas Vinh Loc Huynh was Vietnamese. The friends have embraced their cultural differences and drawn on their mutual strengths.

 “In the beginning I never knew if Loc was happy, sad, or mad,” Javier jokes with Vinh Loc. Coming from a more outwardly expressive Latin American culture, he found working closely with someone from a more subdued Asian cultural context to be a new experience.

From Students to Entrepreneurs Joining the Levelup Startup Accelerator

They decided to establish a startup together named Presnsr to allow their tech skills to shine. Presnsr then applied to join the Levelup Startup Accelerator Autumn 2017 batch and was accepted as one of the ten accelerator teams. The Levelup program is based in Kotka, a city located in Finland between Helsinki and St. Petersburg, Russia. The city and region are mainly known as being the home of Finland’s largest export port, factory-based traditional industry, and a large Google data center. Kotka has a vibrant community of support for startup entrepreneurs and innovation, which has already led to a strong hub in the game development industry and innovative approaches in traditional manufacturing.

Presnsr began developing smart home devices, with a goal of bringing IoT into homes. Their first prototype is an air sensor system detecting mold spores, asbestos, high CO2 levels and other potentially harmful air condition problems. The sensors are linked to a mobile app that alarms home owners or real estate managers and certified technicians who are then able to address the situation.

The team have already envisioned for their near future further product and service combinations that heavily utilize IoT.

Presnsr Onwards to #Slush100

This Autumn, Presnsr has strongly developed as both a team and a company – they were chosen as one of the startups making the Slush100 pitching competition at Over 1700 startups entered the competition, and 100 were chosen to pitch. Presnsr truly embraces the Slush 2017 theme of “Technology Making the World a Better Place” – they are entrepreneurs using technology to improve our living environment.

Thanks to their naturally cool attitude to technology and life, the team was a strong presence at the #Slush100 qualifying pitching round. They received coaching and support from the entire Levelup team – and surprising ad hoc mentors found at the last moment. Meet the Presnsr team at

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