Long live summer!

Pitkäthiekat Hamina

Salty lips and sand between the toes! Before me I saw the biggest and longest beach I had seen so far. Water beyond my eyes could see. I was at the sea shore for the first time!

The sea felt a bit odd compared to the lakes I had been to, it was easy to float and I could feel salt on my toung. “How can water be salty” I remember thinking. It was a strange feeling. The sand was so hot that I had to run to the sea. Its water was clear and warm like the summers in the 90’s. I walked slowly because mom had said not to go too far and when I stopped I could see her in the distance as a small dot. Everything felt much bigger then.

There used to be a restaurant on a hill next to the beach. We went there with my family every time and got a munkkipossu. A sugary donught with apple jam inside which was still warm. The sweet sugar and the salty water made it even more tasty!

Now, more than ten years later, I have been to the same beach many times every year and it has become my favorite. The sand is still hot and the sea water salty! It has a shoreline of at least a hundred meters and it feels like you must almost go the same length into the water to hit deep. Pitkäthiekat in Hamina is THE beach for me in Kotka-Hamina region that offers the same feeling as being on a holiday somewhere abroad.

Swim, eat, relax and repeat! Have a great summer everyone!