Levelup Startup Accelerator Spring 2017 Batch Update

accelerator startup entrepreneur spring 2017

The Spring 2017 batch was action-packed, with the participating startup teams working intensively to attain their own goals. Levelup was a testament to how startup entrepreneurship can truly be a path for people of diverse ages and backgrounds.

The oldest Spring batch member was first-time entrepreneur and boy-genius innovator Elviss Straupenieks from Airboard.co who had barely turned 18. By contrast, the oldest Spring batch member one of the “Grand Old Ladies” of the Finnish startup scene, 60+ serial entrepreneur Eeva-Liisa (Eppu) Ylälahti who has been involved with digital technology since the 1990’s. Eppu joined the Levelup program with her current startup, MeSensei.

Several of the various team members were experienced entrepreneurs, and even they felt the Levelup Startup Accelerator brought them significant new business opportunities.

The World of Gaming Startups

Spring 2017 batch teams Pomenia and Sekunda intend to launch their first mobile games in 2017.

Pomenia’s game teaches children important mindfulness and emotional skille. It is set in a truly unique, visually stunning  fairytale world with heavenly music composed and produced for the game. Pomenia already has a broad range of products available in their webstore, including the Pomenia mindfulness board game that helps entire families develop their emotional, relaxation and mindfulness skills together.

Sekunda’s fun Fleap mobile game has been worked on all spring to attain publishing fitness, and the Pomenia team were enthousiastically incorporated advice given by experts and mentors, e.g.  sales ideas and game development roadmap hints.

Mentoring and Planning Entrepreneurship 

The MeSensei team began to pilot their mentoring app with the Aalto University. The Levelup spring program opened doors that helped them create useful contacts with foreign universities and mentoring ecosystems for future piloting projects. MeSensei also succeeded in securing funding from Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

Dark Amber Softworks worked long days – and nights – on both the new version of their Avenging Angel PC- and console game and their other projects. Dark Amber used the Levelup Startup Accelerator to further branch into the development of VR applications for planning and educational purposes. The accelerator’s network brought them contacts that were vital in securing new, paying customers.

Digitally Accessible Startup Participation

The Levelup Startup Accelerator is digitally accessible online. The accelerator’s training and workshop days are live streamed for participants, and interactivitly is assured. Mentoring sessions are available via Skype if needed. This has ensured that all team members could participate, e.g. even when one team member was local and another lived in Great Britain.

This Spring Latvian startup Airboard.co was an online participant. Soon after joining the Levelup Startup Accelerator Airboard.co was simultaneously accepted and funded to participate in the BoostVC program in San Mateo, California. Airboard went to Silicon Valley looking for technology experts and investors to help further the construction and testing of the first prototype of his flyable drone scooter. Airboard has managed to secure preliminary funding and the reception to his innovation has been enthousiastic. Airboard has managed to create a broad contact network and met high-level experts from Google, Tesla, SpaceX and Hyperloop. Levelup mentors helped in creating a contact network and in clarifying the key business priorities and focus in the hectic California business environment.

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