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The River Kymijoki


We are not shy to say it: the river Kymijoki is the best salmon-fishing river in the south of Finland. The river, which back in history marked the border between Sweden and Russia, offers a haven for calm and relaxation. How would you like to enjoy the river?

Koskenlasku Kuva: Jukka Koskinen


Be bold and take on the wild rapids on the river. Don the safety equipment and fill the RIB with friends. Head for an adventure where you most certainly will get wet but will also get the biggest ever smile on your face. The white-water rafting expeditions on Kymijoki are brought to you by two professional organisers, SeikkailuviiKari and Erämys-Keisarinkosket Oy.

Melomassa Kuva: Jukka Koskinen


Glide down the majestic rapids. Meander along the calm streams. Listen to the sounds of wild nature. Camp by the river and enjoy a hearty lunch. Canoeing tours, lasting up to several days, are a magnificent way to experience the river. The professional tour organisers SeikkailuviiKari and Erämys-Keisarinkosket Oy will provide you with the canoes or kayaks together with full instruction and guidance.

Perhokalassa Kuva: Jukka Koskinen


Pick up your rod and don your waders. Throw bait at Siikakoski, fish like a king at the Russian emperor’s summer villa at Langinkoski or reel in the catch of the day at Korkeakoski. Take a #fishpic and be the envy of all on social media. The Kymijoki area boasts several unique fishing locations, such as the Keski-Kymi Fishing Area, Langinkoski fly fishing area, Korkeakoski fishing pier and the Siikakoski area as well as a number of professional fishing holiday businesses.

Koskiuinti Kuva: Titta Halloran


Slip into your wetsuit and wade into the waves. Let the river carry you while you admire the views whizzing by. Don’t forget to breathe! Then float and relax in calm, still waters. Wear a happy smile for the rest of the day. Guided swims in the rapids of Kymijoki are organised by SeikkailuviiKari and Erämys-Keisarinkosket Oy. Thinking of doing something special for a date? How about taking your date for a swim and other adventures on Kymijoki!

Kymijoen ulkoilureitit Kuva: Jukka Koskinen


Which is it, bikes or running shoes? Either way, you are in for some stunning landscapes along the river Kymijoki. Take in the riverside views as you meander up and down the hills. Take a break, and carry on as far as the path will take you. The Kymijoki rapids trail can be completed by walking, running or cycling.