Nainen majakassa Kuva: Julia Kivelä
Meet the locals

Strong-willed enough to go through the grey stone. Mad about sports, be it football, basketball, baseball or a friendly summer athletics tournament with the neighbours. Friendly and open especially when the sun comes out. Be brave and meet the locals! P.S. They are not that scary in the winter either... 

Anna miä autan -kampanja


During summer, some of the locals even take to wearing T-shirts that say “Let me help you” – and they mean it. They are there to help you, so feel free to stop and ask them for help and tips on how to find, for example, the best places to eat.

Haminan vallit Kuva: Vesa Hovi


“In Hamina I would go strolling on the Fortress and the circular streets and to stop at one of the many coffee shops, where the cakes are simply to die for!” Kirsi, 48 years
“Take a cruise on Vivan.” Raija, 82 years
“I would go to the Harju Manor at Virolahti.” Elina, 36 years
“The best place to go on Wednesdays and Saturdays
 is the Karhula market place.” Antti, 60 years
“I recommend Sapokka Water Garden, Katariina Seaside Park and, Amarillo restaurant, of course.” Väinö, 23 years
“Santalahti nature trail and the outdoor swimming pool.” Tiina, 53 years
“I would take my guests to Varissaari island, Valkmusa national park, Maritime Centre Vellamo, the outdoor swimming pool and to Kymijoki for whitewater rafting. There is plenty to see and do around here, enough for a week!” Tuuli, 40 years