Paikallinen herkku, posso
Local Delicacies


A doughnut-type treat covered in sugar and filled with apple jam. In other words, heaven in your mouth. To enjoy it at its best, eat it fresh and still slightly warm at the market place of Kotka.

Alvar Aalto Sunila


The district of Sunila near Karhula is a well-kept secret of all architect lovers: the Sunila mill and residential area. It was designed by Alvar Aalto, one of the most celebrated modernist architects in the world, in the 1930s and 1940s. Around the same time, he was also working on the iconic vase, the Savoy Vase, also known as the Aalto Vase.

Merikeskus Vellamo Kotkassa


One of the many fun things to do in Kotka, weather permitting, is to climb on top of the roof deck of Maritime Centre Vellamo, where you feel like on a crest of wave. The centre houses a maritime museum and exhibitions featuring treasures from an 18th century shipwreck to a 1980s cruise ship cabin. Read more about Maritime Centre Vellamo.

Haminan ympyräasemakaava


Some find Hamina a bit confusing: the streets of the old city centre run in circles! Enjoy a lovely day admiring the romantic alleyways and wooden houses and the spectacular fortresses – and don’t get lost! Read more about Hamina.