Karhulan Jokipuisto
The world's coolest parks

The Kotka area is known for its award-winning and superbly tended parks, which bring out the gardener in all of us. No wonder they are among the most popular points of interest among visitors. In Kotka, the whole town is a park.

Sapokan vesipuisto Kotka


Kotka is one of the few national urban parks in Finland, a city turned into a national park. Kotka is rightly proud of this recognition, which would not have been possible without the hard work of many. Take a closer look at the lush parks, architecture, wild nature and cultural history of the city, and you’ll see why.

Sibeliuksenpuisto Kotka


Play the xylophone in the Katariina Seaside Park. Nibble at the rosemary at the Herb Garden Redoubt. Take in the colours and smells of Sapokka Water Garden and riverside park Jokipuisto. Run your fingers on the rough surface of stone in the Sculpture Promenade. The parks and gardens will wow all of your senses.

Katariinan Meripuisto Kotka


Did you know that the award-winning Sapokka Water Garden was once only the muddy bottom of a bay? Or that the Katariina Seaside Park used to be an oil harbour? Quite a transformation, don’t you agree? Thanks to uncompromising regeneration, the areas have now been turned into stunning outdoor areas for everyone to enjoy.