Finnish Transport Safety Agency “Trafi”

Trafi develops the safety of the transport system, promotes environmentally friendly transport solutions and is responsible for transport system regulatory duties.


  • issues permits, regulations, approvals and decisions and prepares legal rules regarding the transport sector;
  • arranges examinations, handles transport sector taxation and registration, and provides reliable information services;
  • oversees the transport market as well as compliance with rules and regulations governing the transport system;
  • participates in international co-operation;
  • ensures the functionality of the transport system even in emergency conditions and when normal operations are disrupted;
  • creates opportunities for innovative development of intelligent transport;
  • informs the public of transport-related choices.

When is car tax collected?

In Finland, car tax is collected on passenger cars, delivery vans and buses with an unladen weight of less than 1 875 kg, as well as on motorcycles and other category L vehicles (e.g. ATVs). Car tax must be paid before registration and use in Finland. An exception to this are specific cases of temporary tax-exempt use.

Vehicles imported from outside the EU are subject to an additional customs duty and import VAT. More information on import taxation. and