Health care service

The primary mission of health care services is to provide residents with high-quality basic health care services in a timely fashion in order to promote their well-being.


The Health Centre hospital, Karhula Hospital, provides Kotka residents with basic health care, including hospital and outpatient clinic services, supports effective outpatient care and implements step-by-step basic health care and special health services in an economical and sensible fashion.

  • Karhula Hospital

Toivelinnankatu 2,
FI‑48600 Kotka

  • Health centres

Kotkansaari Health Centre
Keskuskatu 30
FI-48100 Kotka

Karhula Health Centre
Vesivallinkatu 20
FI-48600 Kotka

Western Kotka Health Centre
Taruraitti 2
FI-48350 Kotka

  • Dental clinics

When you have your first appointment (not an emergency visit), we will complete a dental examination and prepare a treatment plan for you. If you have X-rays or other material related to dental care, please bring it with you. Please also mention if you are on medication or have any illnesses. If necessary, you will receive a cost estimate.

Kotkansaari Dental Clinic
Keskuskatu 30, FI-48100 Kotka

Western Kotka Dental Clinic
Taruraitti 2, FI-48350 Kotka
In the facilities of the Western Kotka service centre

Karhula Dental Clinic
Toivelinnankatu 2, FI-48600 Kotka
On the basement floor of the Karhula Hospital


Hamina Hospital provides efficient and effective specialised health care services in the form of customer-oriented short-distance services that correspond to the public needs.
Specialised health care services support outpatient and inpatient basic health care operations. Rehabilitation and follow-up treatment as well as the treatment of internal diseases are provided as inpatient services.

  • Hamina Hospital
    Reutsinkatu 1, FI-49400 Hamina


Attendo supplies the social and health care services of the municipality of Pyhtää.

Quick, high-quality services are the foundation of social and health care services in Pyhtää. The services are intended to meet each resident’s needs in an optimum manner and provide security. Pyhtää provides its residents with a promise of good care, reachability, treatment access and professional treatment.

  • Pyhtää Social and Health Centre
    Huutjärventie 14, FI-49220 Siltakylä 

Miehikkälä and Virolahti

Kaakon kaksikko provides inpatient and physiotherapy services for the health centre. Outpatient, dental health and occupational health care services are purchased from Attendo Terveyspalvelut Oy.

  • Miehikkälä Health Centre
    Keskustie 1 A 4, FI-49700 Miehikkälä
  • Virolahti Health Centre
    Itätie 13, FI-49900 Virolahti

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