Outdoor activities

You can take a short tour or a longer excursion of the nature and historical sites in the Kotka-Hamina region following the local nature trails on foot or by bike. The nature trails vary in length – there are short walking trails in the city centre and longer trekking routes in the archipelago, along the coast and towards the inland.

You can travel by boat to the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park located in the areas of Pyhtää, Kotka, Hamina and Virolahti. The park is renowned for its bird life. There are also a number of bird-watching towers in Virolahti municipality, if you would like to watch migrating birds.

For more information about nature trails and outdoor recreation areas, see https://www.visitkotkahamina.fi/en/see-and-do/nature​​

Nature trails in Kotka (in Finnish)
Nature trails in Haminan (in Finnish)
Outdoor recreation areas in Pyhtää (in Finnish)
Bird-watching in Virolahti
The Salpapolku Trail in Virolahti and Miehikkälä
Salpapolku Trail

Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park
Valkmusa National Park

River Kymijoki, Pernoonhaara canoeing route
River Kymijoki, Pyhtäänhaara canoeing route
Valkmusa Nature Trail
Santalahti Nature Trail

Kotka Salmon Centre (in Finnish or Russian)