Day care


Kotka offers both municipal and private early education in the form of day-care centres, family day care and play activities. Day-care centres provide full- or part-time day care, education and teaching for children under school age. The number of municipal day-care centres is 22 and the number of private day care units subject to the service voucher system is 9. Day care is available in different parts of the city.

On Kotkansaari Island, shift day care is available at Meripirtti day-care centre. Raitti day-care centre provides services in Karhula and Utumetsä day-care centre in western Kotka. Night child care is a centralised service available at Meripirtti day-care centre.

Open early childhood education units provide services, including club activities, for families with children.

Day care services in Kotka


Hamina has many day-care centres, and group family day care and family day-care providers. Hamina also has an arts and crafts school and a visual arts school for children as well as an English-language play school. Playground activities are organised for children in the summer.

Day care services in Hamina (only in Finnish)


Day care services are provided by the municipal Majakka day-care centre and private day-care centre Päiväkoti Mukava as well as family day care and group family day-care providers. Majakan Ulappa day-care group provides shift day care. Daghemmet Måsarna in Purola is responsible for providing day care in Swedish.

Day care services in Pyhtää


Virolahti has two day-care centres, one in Virojoki and another in Klamila. There are four group family day-care homes: Karuselli and Lilliputti in Virojoki, Muksula in Klamila and Pihlajan Marjat in Ravijoki.

Leppäkerttu day-care centre and its separate preschool group operate in the centre of Miehikkälä. There is a day-care centre in Muurikkala, and a day-care centre and a separate preschool group in Pitkäkoski. Three family day-care homes are also available.

Kaakon kaksikko day care (only in Finnish)