Comprehensive schools


Approximately twenty Finnish-language comprehensive schools and one Swedish-language comprehensive school operate in Kotka. English is available as an A language in all schools. Rauhala primary school offers a music-oriented curriculum. Special education is available in, for example, Hiidenkirnu School, Ututie School and Haukkavuori School. Kotka has five secondary schools: Helilä, Karhula, Karhuvuori and Langinkoski schools and Keskuskoulu.

Preschool education and day care for children under 6 years of age are primarily provided in the schools’ facilities.

Kotka Svenska Samskola provides comprehensive and senior secondary school education in Swedish. 


A total of 13 schools provide primary school education for grades 1 through 6 in Hamina. Pappilansalmi School and Vehkalahti School provide secondary education. Special education for small groups is available in Asema School.


In Pyhtää, grades 1 to 6 are taught in the schools of Huutjärvi, Suur-Ahvenkoski and Hirvikoski. Pyttis svenska skola in Purola provides primary education for Swedish-speaking children. Huutjärvi School has separate preschool groups and additionally organises preschool education in conjunction with elementary instruction in the schools outside the centre of the municipality if there are preschool-aged children in the areas. The Swedish-language school has its own preschool group.

Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking secondary pupils study at Huutjärvi School and Kotka Svenska Samskola, respectively.


Education in Virolahti is provided by the Virojoki (grades 1–6) and Klamila (1–6) schools and Virolahti secondary school (7–9).


Miehikkälä pupils receive their education in the schools of Miehikkälä (grades 1–9), Suurmiehikkälä (1–6) and Muurikkala (1–6).