Services for start ups


The region features an active and lively start-up community that occasionally meets for coffee or an evening get-together, or takes part in a variety of fairs as needed. 
In addition to normal guidance for establishing a business, we provide new companies with advice in financial matters. Guidance for the establishment phase is provided once a month at joint guidance events, through personal meetings with advisors and via YouTube guidance videos. Scaling business models often require financing starting from the development phase of the product or service, and later on in relation to various business development projects. We provide the following services for these needs: 


This involves determining the company's need-specific financing alternatives, preparing profitability calculations and plans, and mapping out the various financing opportunities (e.g. bank, Finnvera, Tekes or ELY Centre). 


Cursor also arranges financing days involving domestic financers. These provide companies with the opportunity to meet representatives of numerous public and other domestic financers in one go. We help companies prepare carefully for events and create a business plan, profitability and financing calculations, a project plan and other documents for the venture that requires financing. Cursor invites representatives of the customer's bank, Finnvera, Tekes, ELY and Finpro to the event, among other participants. 


When a company is looking for a third party investor, it is required to have tested its business model, service/product and markets and verified the necessity of what it provides to a degree. We help companies work on these areas and their investor presentations for the possible investor meetings. In addition to this, Cursor holds occasional investor meetings or helps companies attend events organised by other parties in Finland or abroad.


Levelup is an international startup accelerator program situated in Kotka. Levelup is a non-equity based accelerator program welcoming startups from anywhere in the world. The accelerator is an intensive program of coaching and mentoring that is run twice a year. For more information about the accelerator and applying, go to the Levelup website.