The logistical foundation for the Kotka-Hamina region is a unique location by the sea, between Helsinki and St Petersburg.

The region is home to Port of HaminaKotka Ltd, which is the largest universal, export and container port in Finland. The expertise in logistics and technology has been honed to perfection and experienced labour is readily available. Research and development efforts are constantly under way in the region.

Port and border crossing point

The port of HaminaKotka Ltd and the Vaalimaa border crossing point in Virolahti are important nodes for goods traffic. Through Vaalimaa, goods are transported to EU countries, Russia and CIS countries. The largest export port in the country links the Kotka-Hamina region to the rest of the world by way of Europe.

Excellent opportunities for Russian trade

In Russian trade, the geographic location of the region provides companies with amazing opportunities for reducing transport costs, reducing delivery times and taking full advantage of the IT expertise and diverse transport routes in the region. The E18 motorway, international railway traffic and sea routes ensure that a suitable solution is available for every need.