Levelup startup testimonials

Startup Testimonials

Levelup startup alumnis tell more.


Knowledge, Insight & Business Opportunities

"We saw our participation in the Levelup Accelerator as a means of bringing growth and development potential to our company - all within a structured, sensible startup environment. Dark Amber has really benefited from the knowledge, insight and business opportunities made available by the mentors and sponsors. The basis for all our business activities is the guiding idea that all technological and business success is the result of a continuous process. Our company should never become static, because we are constantly striving for ongoing growth."

"Participation in the accelerator has been a fantastic experience! We have gained so much useful knowledge we can directly apply to our business. The atmosphere among the participants and staff of the accelerator is highly motivated. This means that we gain a fresh, new perspective to our business development from the other participating companies and mentors. The crew behind the accelerator has a positive, intelligent approach to doing things, which has given me an additional energy boost and driven me to think in new ways."

Dark Amber Softworks, COO Henri Brandt - Spring17 batch

Amazing, networked people

"Our team actually wondered afterwards: where do you manage to find such amazing, experienced and networked people to help us startup entrepreneurs?"

MeSensei, Co-Founder & Chair Eeva-Liisa (Eppu) Ylälahti - Spring17 batch

A pure diamond!

"The accelerator was more than we expected. Mentoring was beyond everything and we got answers for all of our needs. I have already suggested to friends’ startups to apply. This was a pure diamond!"

Sekunda, CEO Matti Seise - Spring17 batch

Pivoted our whole business idea

“The advice and support that we received was critical to taking big steps forward to make the business a more realistic and viable in the long term. The business planning and pitch days were probably most useful for us, as it made us critically evaluate the core message we were sending, and also helped us to pivot the whole business idea to a more realistic model.”  

Hala Housing, Managing Director Gavin Cruickshank - Spring18 batch

Trusted mentors on board

“I clearly knew that it is very important to get some trusted mentors on board that could help you identify the weak points of your business idea. Getting acceleration was vital for me to proceed with developing the business idea into the real business….We had great mentoring and the business modelling was very essential for us.” 

Finnish Game Day, We Got Talent Oy, CEO Oleg Paliy - Spring18 batch