Spring 2017 Teams


We are a tech startup built by enthusiasts passionate about drone industry and intention to improve the way 7.5 billion people move from point A to B every day. We are building AirBoard, an all-electric personal air vehicle controlled by shifting the rider's weight.

Dark Amber Softworks

We have three main development spearheads: PC/XboxOne development (Avenging Angel Game), VR & AR Development for engineering companies and educational facilities (KRAO), and Google VR/Daydream development with Nirvana Wellness.


We are a brand new mobile game company from Finland. We create mobile games for Android and iOS using Unity game engine. 


We develop the methodology and the facilitating technology to make mentoring programs more structured, goal orientated and measurable.


We have created the world of Pomenia. The world of Pomenia is story books, children’s theater, fairytale art, outdoor activities, music, games and animated features.