Autumn 2017 Teams


​ProLocalis is the channel for all local producers of food and drinks, handcrafts, services and tourism experiences.

Posibillian tech

Posibillian Tech is a company committed to devise unique social experiences for people through technology, redefining the social entertainment.


Smart home devices connected to certified technicians.


Achievely is about learning and like the name implies, achieving. With accessible, affordable and accurate solutions we want to make it possible for everyone to achieve more. Deep understanding in analytics and statistics and a courageous attitude helps us to achieve our goal; to be the best at measuring learning.


DealLink is open B2B procurement system. Manage widest range of tenders online, get offers from local & cross-border suppliers & make the best deal!


We connect you with career opportunities. 
Entrepreneurship is the key.

Novela 3d

We provide additive manufacturing services for industrial use. Including desing for additive manufacturing (especially metals), consulting, manufacturing itself and 3D scanning. We aim to sell companies complete packages from desing to manufacturing. That way we can offer the best advantages companies can get using additive manufacturing.


See, Feel, Wheel.

Bike-sharing system for the town of Kotka.


Finnish game company that is focused on strategy games. In Kuura headquarters there's also Twitch-gaming and much more while improving its hometown, Kotka.


We are a lifestyle design company based in Kouvola, Finland. Everything we redesign or design is a simple design for something that is complex.