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Startup accelerator launch party / Photo: Tandemfoto

Spring 2018 teams

Meet our Spring 2018 startup entrepreneurs. Representing a number of different sectors, they are cooperating in their growth journey.


Dwellet is a platform for homeowners and tenants to create long term leases without having to pay overpriced comissions to realtors. As new age virtual-realtors we help landlords in tenant matchmaking, marketing and formation of the contract

Lizard Hazard Games
Lizard Hazard Games

Lizard Hazard Games makes inclusive indie video games for PCs. Our most recent project is Your Royal Gayness, a humorous fairytale parody game where you play as a gay prince trying to survive royal life in a fantasy kingdom

Opastus is a platform for any kind of inductions. Inductions can be anything: e.g. work related safety inductions, procedure presentations or introducing company policies

Hala - Quality Postwar Housing
Hala Housing

Hala Oy makes “Home In A Box” DIY easily assembled high volume, low cost, long term housing. Potential customers include Governments, UN, World Bank, NGO’s

Tuned Rocks
tunedrocks logo

Tuned Rocks makes video discovery easy by curating YouTube videos and creating stream-like playlists from them.