Our startup accelerator program

Startup Accelerator Program Themes

Our programme includes three steps to levelup your business. 

1. Validate the startup opportunity 

This part of the program focuses on supporting entrepreneurs validate their business opportunities with strong customer co-development. The curriculum at this stage focuses on finding an identifiable segment of customers with a validated need for the startups’ product/service.

2. Develop customer traction 

In this phase, teams are “outside the building” testing and iterating their products and business models directly with customers and other stakeholders. The curriculum at this stage focuses on searching for a repeatable and scalable business model and on validating product-market fit. 

3. Grow the business 

In this last part of the program, teams are focusing strongly on expanding the customer base and designing a plan to scale the operation. There is also a strong emphasis on helping startups find external financing and investment. 

Key Events and The Fun Bits

We will work hard in our program but will definitely have fun as well! Every batch includes the Kickstart Launch Party, Sauna & Swim Nites, Startup Hub Visits to network with other startup hubs.