Invest in Kotka-Hamina Region industry.

The strong industrial traditions, efficient port infrastructure and motivated work force in the Kotka-Hamina region lay a solid foundation for industrial operations

Reacting swiftly to the changing business environment is one of our region’s foremost strengths. The public and private sector have committed to joint goals, and flexible decision-making is a reality.

The businesses and other operators in the region work together to provide the following to all companies:

  • land and commercial premises
  • skilled labour
  • good transport links
  • business partners
  • diverse support services


Innovative cleantech solutions

Our region is known for its forest industry and utilisation of renewable energy sources. The forestry companies have succeeded in creating new environmentally friendly products and technologies for the region.

The technical expertise in the region encompasses areas such as technical support for data centres, innovative cleantech solutions, software suitable for multiple fields, automated management systems and the processing of fuels and liquids.

The most significant fields in the Kotka-Hamina region are forest industry, technology industry, chemical industry and data centre operations.

We Provide the following services in the field of industry:

  • Taking the region to the next level with 3D printing
  • Karhula Industrial Park provides diverse services for businesses.
  • Industrial hubs with a variety of opportunities for new operations. The port areas in the region are significant concentrations of diverse industrial operations.

The Port of HaminaKotka and its surroundings provide an excellent location for a variety of industrial companies. Everything you may need is here. It takes only slightly over an hour to drive to Helsinki and 2–3 hours to get to St Petersburg. The largest port in the country provides the best logistical services in Finland along with substantial benefits in terms of the operating environment. The area is home to a wide range of competitive logistics companies that are well prepared to import, export and store your raw materials and products. The excellent assortment of high-quality services ensures that cooperation in the port area is effortless. Years of active development has moulded the area, which is not unlike a business park in terms of its arrangements, into a full-service centre of logistics and industry.

A container terminal is located in Mussalo while Hamina is home to a port specialised in the storage and processing of liquids. The HaminaKotka port area spans more than 1,100 hectares and houses almost 200 companies. Yet hundreds of hectares are still available for new businesses.

An internationally renowned forest industry cluster is situated in the Kotka-Hamina region, and the port's logistics centre was originally built to support it. The forest industry and the related technology industry are still the most important industrial fields in the region, but there are signs of a profound structural change. An example of this is the Google data centre – one of the largest in the world – being constructed next to the port. The area has become a significant node for information logistics. Another example of the structural change is the old Kantasatama harbour in Kotka, which is being converted into an area focused on culture and recreation.


Are you interested in business operations in the European bioenergy markets?

With our help, you can establish a dialogue with potential customers and find reliable suppliers. In addition to this, you will have access to our vast expertise on the bioenergy markets in Europe.

We have excellent contacts among biomass suppliers, technology developers, producers, logistics operations and large European energy customers.

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