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Games and ICT

Innovative and flexible environment has produced ICT and game industry hub to the Southeast Finland region.


  1. The game industry is booming in Southeast Finland.
    The game industry in Southeast Finland has seen extremely positive development in recent years. It has become a nationally significant field with over 90% of the turnover attributable to export. The local game industry is an international competitive advantage is strengthening the brand of the Kymenlaakso region and the entire country, as the field employs a wide variety of experts (programmers, business developers, artists) and appeals to young people in particular.  The technology used in game development has always been state of the art, and the field in general is exceptionally creative.

  2. Playa Hub – an open community for support in the game industry
    Established in 2011, the open Playa Hub community for the game industry organises support measures to promote the development and internationalisation of the game industry in Southeast Finland.

  3. Excellent opportunities for cooperation and networking
    The game development community in the Kymenlaakso region consists of a host of companies, including game studios, specialist companies (testing, sound, graphics, marketing, investing, legal services and financial administration) as well as new operators focused on implementing the strengths of the game industry and the concept of gamification in other areas (e.g. social welfare and health care sector, cyber security and IoT).

  4. Good reputation and a community of successful companies
    In proportion to its size, the game development field in the Kymenlaakso region is well connected and both nationally and internationally reputable.